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So, what is live event painting...?

“Live event painting” is a unique way to capture your special event in art which lasts forever.

My name is  Joan Zylkin, I am an academy trained fine artist and I come to your wedding, parties - from sweet 16’s and bar/bat-mitzvahs to anniversaries - as well as to corporate events through to retirements.  I set up my easel, and create a unique painting of your event as it unfolds, capturing  special details, people in motion, and the energy of the event  ...  in other words, I am  painting a very special day in your LIFE for you to enjoy forever.  

Also, I have a unique flexibility to add to and subtract elements from the painting, to make it a treasure trove of memories for you - which makes Live Event Painting  a very powerful medium, with distinct advantages over the camera.

 When I first had the idea to paint live at events some fifteen years ago.   I decided to call myself a "wedding painter" and "live event painter" and then saw how puzzled people were when I tried to explain what I do, never really understanding until they saw me actually painting a live event.  

Since then I have painted all kinds of weddings, private and corporate events,  stage performances including, Shakespeare, Broadway Shows, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rock Bands, Blues Festivals, Jazz Festivals, Orchestras and more ...  

What event painting IS and is NOT ...

Live event painting is a way to capture the life and enegy of your celebrations, in the moment, as they are happening.  Beforehand we will discuss the most important elements of the party and decor and I will ask who you would like me to include in the painting, along with other guests.  

I will do my best to capture your VIP's  and make them recognizable - and I don't think anyone can paint people faster than I do - but please undersand that live event painting is not about painting lots of detailed portraits. After all, the more time I spend painting specific people the less time there is to paint the spontineity of the rest of your party.

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