This is a very cool time lapse sequence which plays like a video and shows the progression of a painting I did for a wedding at the Four Seasons in Dallas.  Produced by a delightful creative team out of Dallas called The Minericks.  Event masterminded brilliantly by Two Clever Chicks  (I recommend turning your sound off ... )

finished painting from Four Seasons Dallas:

finished painting from live event paitning at a wedding at Four Seasons, Dallas.

How do I do it?

I expect you are wondering how I do these on the spot oil paintings ... and the first answer which comes to mind is RAPIDLY -  and with a lot of preparation beforehand.  In order to paint with the necessary speed, I have honed my skills over many many years so that I can capture your images instantly and accurately with the flick of my brush.  

What is my working procedure?

I arrive at the venue early - usually a two or three hours ahead - liaise with the venue management and planners, negotiate a spot where I can see well, and begin painting before guests start to arrive - so that when they do, I can put them into the painting … and for wedding ceremonies, when a bride and groom arrive, they “walk into their painting”.

What medium do I work in?

The paintings oil paintings, on carefully cusomized panels, using finest quality archival  materials.

How long does it take to complete a painting?

Usually my paintings are completed on the spot and displayed for your guests to see.   If I think a painting needs to go further, I will  work on it in my studio. 

How much space do I need?

My set up in very compact.  Depending on the size of painting/s 4 ft x7 ft is a good size and I need to be in a spot where I can see what is going into your painting.

How do you book me?  

CALL JOAN  TEL:  302.475-0990 

or go to:  Request Information

I can answer your questions and when I know more about your venue and schedule we can talk about what I can do for you.    Once you have decided to book me,  I will ask for a security deposit to save the date for you.  Don’t worry if you haven’t decided on which and what paintings you would like me to ... we can discuss that later .... the most important thing is to secure your date.   It is usually my experience that everybody wants to book me for the same day !!

Then what happens ?

We will discuss what I can do for you, your input and ideas, the venue and the painting options, such as the best place to me to set up... 

The venue management team will need to know that I am coming and be prepared to work with me to be able to set up out of their way.  We all understand that I can’t interfere with their hospitality duties and I am always happy to talk to them in the planning stages.  Also, I usually arrive two or three  hours ahead of the event in order to establish my set up and make myself known.   

In the meantime, I will sketch out my ideas for you so that we can work together to create your vision.

From one of my Brides:

"A couple months before our wedding, one of my bridesmaids showed me some pictures from the wedding of her high school friend, which was also at the Four Seasons Baltimore. In the pictures, I took notice that they had someone at their reception actually painting the scene from the evening. I thought it was such a cool idea but pushed it to the back of my wedding planning brain at the time... read more ....

wedding blog ~ by Jennifer Campitelli Bass

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