This was a fun, fun wedding at the Tropicana Resort Casino in Atlantic City for a Wedding Party from Long Island:

To see the brushwork and details in this painting KEEP SCROLLING THIS PAGE.

CASINO wedding painting by The Event Painter Joan Zylkin

"You are absolutely amazing."  "I have never seen anything like this before."  "You are unbelievable."  "This is really beautiful."  "What a talent."  "It looks just like them."  "Wow."  "I wish I had had this at my wedding." ~ heard throughout the evening from many, many of the guests ~ and music to any artist's ears. jz

Bride and Groom’s first dance:  detail from Casino Wedding painting shows brushwork and paint quality.

detail from CASINO Wedding Painting: Best Man - shows brushwork of Joan Zylkin The Event Painter

CASINO ptg detail 3

I thought this was a fun way to add the couple's names wedding date to their wedding painting.

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